Faculty, Researchers, and Instructors in the Coastal Engineering group.


Welcome to the Coastal Engineering Group at the University of Southern California. The faculty in this group have comprehensive expertise in understanding and engineering for coastal processes. We have active research in the topical areas of extreme coastal events such as tsunamis and cyclones, fundamental fluid mechanics and turbulence, and coastal sustainability and resilience. Please follow the links on this page to find more about our research, the individual faculty, and opportunities for undergraduate and graduate education.


Faculty are often looking for new MS/PhD students and post-doctorate associates to compliment project portfolios. If you are interested in coastal research, and have a background in engineering, physics, or applied mathematics, we encourage you to contact a faculty member to discuss. To initiate contact, please review the research areas of the faculty listed on this site, and then email faculty with a brief statement of your interests and an updated CV. USC and the Viterbi School of Engineering offer significant fellowship incentives to attract top graduate students to the program, particularly those coming from prestigious domestic universities.