Simulation of the Dec. 26th 2004 tsunami generated off the west coast of Sumatra.

Graduate Coursework

General information about the wide breadth of graduate specialities in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department can be found on the main departmental website for masters and doctorate programs.

On the M.S. level, students with an interest in Coastal Engineering would likely enroll in either the General Option, with a speciality in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources, or in the inter-disciplinary Sustainable Infrastructure Systems program Water and Waste Management track. Within these tracks, students have the opportunity to take classes such as

    CE 520 - Ocean and Coastal Engineering

    CE 589 - Port Engineering: Planning and Operations

    CE 511 - Flood Control Hydrology

    CE 515 - Sustainable Infrastructure Systems

    ENE 505 - Energy and the Environment

    CE 534 - Design of Earth Structures

    CE 537 - Advanced Reinforced Concrete

    CE 476 - Design of Pressurized Hydraulic Systems

    CE 451 - Water Resources Engineering

For PhD students, the planned coursework is highly flexible and controlled largely by the research specialization of the student. It is common for students to take many classes in engineering disciplines outside of civil, as well as graduate level mathematics and physics coursework.