Dr. Patrick Lynett


KAP 224E


Ph +1-213-740-3133
FAX +1-213-744-1426

Research Interests

My research focuses on hydrodynamic modeling, with a general concentration on shallow water wave phenomenon. Much of my work is numerical-based, although experimental and field components play a significant role in my projects. Current research includes multi-scale wave modeling, hybrid and parallel numerical computing, investigations into tsunami breaking, and extraction of energy from nearshore wind waves. See my research page for details on specific projects.


Numerical modeling of coastal processes; tsunami propagation and runup; wind wave evolution from deep to shallow water; sediment transport in the coastal zone; wave interaction with permeable structures such as breakwaters; internal waves; wave energy.


Movies and animations added to site. A number of animations of numerical simulation output as well as experimental video are now online - view here.

Looking for Undergraduate Researchers! Positions are open for students to work with Dr. Lynett. Students will work on topics related to nearshore hydrodynamics, including hurricane wave impact and tsunami inundation. Contact Dr. Lynett if you are interested.